These optional extras and Features are available with all Safari-Vac models

Vac Plus Large Portion Packing

Vac Plus

 Vac Plus handy for bulk portions
when air extraction between potions in the bag needs to be guaranteed 
Gas Flush M.A.P Biltong Cheese And Soft Items

M.A.P Gas Flush

Our Multi nossel gas flush system
is ajustable, allow easy fit for different bags sizes
Seal Pressure Boost

Seal Boost

A boosted seal allows utmost confidence with every bag sealed.
Seal Dwell Cooling Element Variable

 Variable Seal Dwell

Adjustable dwell allows superior sealing quality
Passive Vacuum Soft Release

Passive Vacuum Release

Slow Release allows the bags to gently form around sharp objects like bone
Powder Packaging Cycle

Powder Packaging

Powder Packaging cycle allows the air to be extracted between the granlues

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Seal Integrity Tester

Seal Intergity Tester

As part of a Quality Control Program

Altitude Simulation Testing 
Material Testing
Packaging Machine Setup
Seal Integrity Testing
Eezi Loader

Eezi Loader

Helps The Operator load product into the bags withouthout making a mess over the seal Ideal for sauces
Angled Tray Liquid Packaging

Angled Tray

Designed for packaging sauces
Extra Sealing Bars

Extra Sealing Bars

Up to 4 Sealing Bars can be added depending on the Model


Tables std sizes or made to order with splashback.


Sinks single or double custom made as well.


Canopies all sizes


High grade Nylon or Econo wood